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Some of the customers LINDENEG is working is Telia Danmark, Nokia Siemens Network, Banedanmark, DONG Energy and Cable & Wireless - and LINDENEG has in addition to these solved tasks for a number of other customers. Common to them all are, that they choose to use LINDENEG, because LINDENEG has a special knowledge and is known to carry out its duties with high quality and as agreed with the customer.

LINDENEG Rådgivning

Telia Mobile:

Nationwide expansion of DCS 1800 and GSM 900 networks in the period 2001 to 2006

Ad900 project i 2006

Expansion of UMTS test-network in Copenhagen and Århus in 2004

Nationwide expansion of UMTS in the period of 2006 and onwards

Special customer solutions

Registration of lease agreements, declarations etc. on more than 700 sites.

Implementation of fiber, changing of link, renegotiation of non-termination period etc.


Counselling of the expansion of the fibernet from Copenhagen to Hamburg and Malmø


Expansion of 100 GSM 900 networks

Expansion of 20 UMTS sites as a subcontractor


Expansion of UMTS-networks including registration of 100 sites.

Motorola / KE Tele:

Site acquisition of the first stage of Tetra-network, approximately 35 sites.



Miscellaneous data projects

Dismantling of various equipment including NMS10, TMC-servers, OCS-networks

Proactive counselling

Maintenance of documentation etc.

Nokia Siemens Networks:

Nationwide 24-hour emergency service, operation, support, maintenance and installation of Banedanmark's transmission network

Storage and management of emergency and project stock.

Installation and configuring of SDH-nodes

Resources for management and daily security participation in Net Operation Center

DONG Energy:

Support, maintenance and installation of PDH-transmission networks

Cable & Wireless:

Nationwide 24-hour emergency service, support, maintenance and installation of transmission networks

Performing alterations

Changing of electronic components and rapairs